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Monday, May 20, 2013

 I love the new album from 30 Seconds to Mars. I was quite surprised when I bought 
the album. I got a sticker for the car. Did you also get a sticker?
I really liked all this songs, but End of all days, Northern lights and 
Conquistador are my absolute favorites on the album. 
End of all days is so emotional and sad, a brilliant song. Great job guys. :-) 
How do you like this album and which song is your favorite????

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  1. Aww I love 30 seconds to mars too! My favorite is The Race, maybe! <3

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  2. gonna have to check that album out!
    the cover looks very nice..

    - Janine

  3. OMG I LOVE 30 seconds to mars!!!! I don't have yet this album but soon I'll get it. You lucky girl!!!

  4. I love it 2 30 seconds to mars!:)♥ pst, i follow u now<3

  5. Love them! Soooo colorful album! haha

    xx Oksana

  6. great buy!

    xx Jeeshan

  7. yes of course :)
    following you now x

  8. I love emotional songs too!

  9. I love 30 SECONDS TO MARS ;)
    I will buy this album tommorow ;)

  10. That car sticker is cool! Havnt heard the songs of this album yet!!

    She Rockin Them Stilettos

  11. I absolutely love 30 Seconds To Mars and this album is perfect! I think it's a bit different from what they've done before but I love it. I ordered it online and can't wait to have it.
    Probably my favourite song is City of angels.. but it's hard to choose haha

    Maria x

  12. i'm definitely going to need to listen to this!

  13. I will have a look at it on the app store :-P Thanks for sharing and nice pics!
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  14. Loved your blog, perfect!
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    Kisses .. larissa

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  16. such a great album, gonna check it soon :)
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  17. Nice review! Might have to buy this now!!

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  18. Absolutely love this album. I agree with you, End of all Days is the best - theres just so much emotion in that song.

  19. Noch kenne ich das Album ja nicht, aber durch Dich bekomme ich einfach immer neues Input :) Danke!

    xx Rena

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  25. Eu amei o blog, muito lindo mesmo. Parabéns, vou sempre estar aqui (:

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  28. I absolutely love this album! My favourite song is Up In The Air! :)

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  33. great blog.
    Thank you for the invitation) madly in love this band

  34. I absolutly love them! Your blog is great! I followed you on Bloglovin :)

  35. oh! you have the album! I love it!

  36. I fell in love with Bright lights (It reminds me kind of retro style songs like in the Drive movie with Ryan Gosling) and City of Angels. And of course I also love Up In The Air.