Wednesday, June 24, 2015


I'm not really a person who is interested in every trend, but this trend has interested me from the beginning. I like tattoos really, but I'm just too cowardly to let me make a real tattoo. I was a long time looking for the perfect Metallic tattoos and finally I found it. I think they are just perfect for the summer, combined with a beautiful dress and other jewelry these tattoos just look incredibly elegant. My absolute favorite set is the Egyptian Goddess, but actually I'm in love with all. If you are looking for such tattoos, visit the site of Metallic BodyArts. The tattoos of them just look gorgeous and extraordinary. The quality is also very good. In the coming days will follow a few pictures where I wear the tattoos on my skin. I think you will be excited and surprised. Check out the site and fall in love with their tattoos. :-)

Timeless Classics // Egyptian Goddess // Luxurious Bracelets

Tuesday, June 9, 2015


First of all thanks for your comments under the last post. You are all so kind-hearted. I'm really glad that I have such nice fans. Most bloggers have really quite a few negative comments under her posts or Instagram. I don't understand these people who are so hateful and must insult and bully other people. What do you think, you have already received such extreme insults on your blog or Instagram? Ok, let's forget the topic, I digress. Anyway, I got this morning for my allergy new drops. They are really terrible. I took them and am half an hour later I fell asleep at my desk. Haha, I do not know how long I slept there so uncomfortable now hurts my whole neck. Here you can see now the whole outfit. A truly beautiful tulle dress from chicwish. It totally reminds me of Black Swan. So I'll walk a little with my dog the weather in Germany is finally nice and sunny...

Tulle Dress chicwish // Hairband & Sandals H&M

Monday, June 8, 2015


Sneak preview of my next outfit. I'm going to answer my comments, and then I go to sleep. I'm so tired and tomorrow I have to go to the doctor because of my allergy. I hate that my allergy is currently again very extreme. I have very red skin and I look really awful. I don't know if you know the feeling and whether you also have such strong allergies??? I think you'll know what I mean. Ok, see you tomorrow, wish you a good night. :-)

Thursday, June 4, 2015


Sorry, for my little break, but I'm currently working on my new blog design. It is still not completely finished, it still lacks a few details. I think next month I will upload the new design. I can't believe that it's already June. June is one of my favorite months, but right now the weather is anything but beautiful. I hope the weather will be better soon, I will not again a rainy summer. I hope I can give you a little sunshine with this look. I like the dress very much. The color, the cut and the patterns are just perfect, but the absolute highlight for me is the back of the dress. Perfectly right? What do you think of the dress? 
I wish you all a nice week.

Dress chicwish // Sandals H&M

Monday, April 27, 2015


Hope you all enjoyed a relaxing weekend. Let's start the week with a new outfit. :-) If you read my blog on regular basis, you know dresses are like an obsession for me. White dresses are definitely one of my absolute favorites. At the moment I'm really excited about the dresses from H&M. Yes, that dress is really from H&M. Unbelievable, isn't it? It looks like a wedding dress, just perfect and so elegant. I wish you all a wonderful week...

Complete Outfit by H&M
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