Thursday, October 23, 2014


I think none of us is perfect and never will be. Everyone has faults and flaws. This is just the reason why every single person is unique and interesting. I thought I'd show you some very private pictures of me. The unvarnished truth, in my beloved sleeping clothes. I would prefer to spend all day in these clothes. I'm a very homely person. I hope you enjoy the pictures. Maybe you want to see more of these posts, but with make up and not in sleep clothes, hahaha. :-) 
What do you think?

Tuesday, October 21, 2014


Every time when I buy red nail polish, I think of my childhood. The first nail polish that I got as a gift from my mom, was in fact a red nail polish. I was only six years old, but I wanted to have this nail polish. Since then I paint my nails. I find it incredibly beautiful that you can connect the smallest things in life, with such things. I love red nails, especially in autumn. I think red nails are perfect for a woman so confident and sexy. I noticed when I wear red nails, other people look at me more often on the hands, as if I wear black or nude colors on my nails, is kind of crazy. The terrible at this color is only forgives absolutely no mistake, but I think the problem know all of you. This nail polish is from the same collection of Lor√©al, as the lipstick that I have presented to you.

Monday, October 13, 2014


Is there something in your life, what you somehow always accompanied and what you just can not forget??? For me it is clearly my favorite band Tokio Hotel. I hear this band from the beginning, since 2005. I think no band was ever so much hated and loved at the same time. I've never really understood this hatred, I don't understand it to this day.These were just four guys wanted to make music, like millions of people. Anyway, I have the four boys somehow always admired that they have fought so hard for their success and have ignored all their enemies. God, it's totally crazy, this band has accompanied me throughout my youth. I have seen so many beautiful concerts of this band and I have so many memorable moments in my head. It was a wonderful time and I'm really glad that my favorite band is back with a really good album. The music is completely different than the previous albums, but still very good. I'm so lucky that I got one of the already sold-out limited editions. I hope you enjoy the pictures and you read my little story. Do you like this album? ;-)

Friday, October 10, 2014


Actually, I'm not a fan of this whole limited collections, but with this lipstick I couldn't resist. It was love at first sight. Besides, I still had no matte red lipstick. I think it's the perfect red for me. I like it when the red is a little bit berry. I decided for the red of Freida. Do you know this collection? What red did you choose? Wish you all a lovely weekend.

N°19 Freida's Red

Monday, September 29, 2014


Maybe this is my last summer outfit this year. When I had taken the pictures, it was still really hot outside and now it's suddenly totally cold, brrr. OK, the autumn is here, I love him so much. I hope he's not back as rainy as last year. What do you think of the dress? I find it incredibly beautiful. It has such a hippie style, I can well imagine that dress to wear at a festival. However, I would to combine other shoes. I think with these shoes I would go down on a muddy festival, hahaha. Have a wonderful week.

Dress and Shoes from H&M

Friday, September 26, 2014


Small preview of my next outfit.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014


Today, there is a simple outfit of mine... all in black. I love this blouse with the ornaments from sheinside, it's kind of elegant, but at the same time cool. What do you think of the outfit? Wish you all a wonderful day.

Blouse from sheinside // Pants and Shoes from H&M
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