Thursday, March 26, 2015


Are you currently also so excited about all sorts of pastel colors like me? I was as a child already a huge fan of these soft colors. I'm really glad that there are now so many clothes in these colors. I think this spring/summer, there will be even more outfits from me in pastel colors. My current favorite combination is light blue with pink. I think these two shades harmonize just perfect together. I have the outfit once combined with boots and sandals. Which combination you find 
better and what are your favorites pastel colors?

Complete Outfit by H&M

Monday, March 23, 2015


I had mentioned in my last post that I'm a big fan of jumpsuits. Yeah, I still bought me another one. A classic black. I think this jumpsuit looks much better than the other. So elegant and chic. I especially like the mesh details on the belly and collarbone. And in combination with the simple white coat he just looks perfect. I've been looking so long for a white coat. I've found him last year at H&M. It was love at first sight. The perfect companion for spring and cold summer evenings. 
Do you like the look? You already own the perfect white coat or are you still looking?

Complete Outfit by H&M

Sunday, March 22, 2015


I'll post the whole outfit later. Have a nice Sunday.

Thursday, March 19, 2015


I'm a big fan of jumpsuits, but I had never before dared to buy one. I always thought a jumpsuit would not fit me because I'm so skinny, but I must say the jumpsuit sitting actually quite good. You can not even imagine how comfortable it is. He pinches nowhere and he also perfectly hidden a few pounds too much on the hips or belly. I also like that he is in dark blue and not black like most jumpsuits. I'm sorry that the pictures this time have become not as good as usual, but I had to suddenly throw up. I had eaten something and have responded totally allergic. Almost my breakfast would have landed on my new jumpsuit, hahaha. I hope you had a better day. What do you say to the outfit do you like jumpsuits? Kisses Vanessa

Jumpsuit, Sandals H&M // Bracelet Yves Rocher

Friday, March 6, 2015


Finally it's Friday. I am so happy because I had so much to do this week. Now I can finally chill out a little. Today, there are a few pictures of me with a sweater I almost forgot to show you. I love these off-shoulder sweaters for the summer, they are really perfect. I have to wear the sweater in the summer because it unfortunately is a bit too short for me. My belly looks out constantly, I'm just too tall. Do you know the problem? Your adores some clothes, but they are just too small for you? This is sometimes really annoying. I hope you like the pictures and the sweater. Do not be surprised about my eye make up. I once tried a different look. So I personally think it's not great. I look a little like a Goth. At the end there is a funny picture of me. :-D I need to somehow make those faces when I take pictures. Have a great Friday.

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