Monday, January 26, 2015


Actually I wanted to buy an Iphone, but somehow I still decided against it. I've heard and read so many bad things about the iPhone. The camera quality is poor, the battery is quickly broken etc. I think it looks very chic and elegant, but what brings me a phone that does not have good pictures or something? For that I'll pay any money. I really wanted to have a new phone that makes great pictures and with the Samsung Galaxy S5 I am more than satisfied. I think as a blogger you just need such a phone. It makes great pictures, the sound is incredibly good, the battery lasts a long time and I think it looks just as chic and elegant as the Iphone. I think it even looks better, I like this leather effect on the back. What do you say to this phone? Are you more an Android or Iphone type???

Thursday, January 22, 2015


I have a real weakness for sweaters in grey. As soon as I see somewhere a grey sweater, I'm freaking out completely. No, was a little joke, but grey is one of my absolute favorite colors. I think the nail polish fits perfectly to the sweater, right? 
Do you also have those quirks when it comes to certain things?

Sweater chicwish // Pants, Shoes H&M // Nail polish 700 Aux Chandelles from Loréal

Tuesday, January 20, 2015


OMG, you will not believe it, but I really bought Ugg Boots. This is really crazy because I really hate these shoes. But now I have really fallen in love with a few pair. I think they also do not look so typical of how most Ugg Boots. The buckles and rivets let the shoes look very cool and yet classy. I love my new winter boots from Liu Jo, they are so incredibly comfortable and warm my feet in the extreme cold at the moment very well. What do you say about the shoes? Do you like Ugg Boots? :-)

Friday, January 16, 2015


Finally I can show you the whole outfit. The weather has calmed down a bit, although it was still windy, but the rain has finally gone and it has become icy cold, brrr. I love the outfit, I think it's cool and classy. I like the fake fur jacket, it is so incredibly cozy and it warms so beautiful. I think the jacket is now one of my absolute favorites. Perfect for those cold winter days. Wish you all a pleasant weekend. 

Fake Fur chicwish // Shirt, Pants, Boots H&M // Necklace Pimkie

Saturday, January 10, 2015


After I desperately tried to take some pictures today for a new outfit, there is only a little preview of my next outfit. The weather in Germany is currently really a nightmare. The wind had brought me almost to fly. I hope that the storm will stop soon so I can finally show you the outfit. I think you will love it. I'm already in love with the outfit. Wish you all a great weekend. See you in the next few days....

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